Wanhua, formerly known as Monga, gathers the humanistic aesthetics of the old era and the consciousness of the next generation of trends. It is the southwestern tip of Taipei City, an area full of magnificent elegance. Here Nseeds uses the interlacing between new fashions and Wanhua’s old impressions to capture the fashion look of Wanhua in 2020 in places such as Bird Street, teahouses, and Huajiang communities.

萬華 (Wanhua) ,舊名艋舺(Monga),聚集著舊時代的人文美學,以及次世代潮流意識,是台北市西南端,盡顯千萬風華的區域。於此 nseeds.tw 運用新時裝與萬華舊印象之間的交錯,在鳥街、茶室、華江社區等流連之地,捕捉出 2020 年萬華的時尚樣貌。

Photography:Luke Liu
Hair & Make-up:Chloe TangYoule
Direction / Styling / Chinese Text:Changfl
Visual design:oooooxoooiooe
Special thanks:TUANTUAN OfficialBan Secondhand GoodsJournal StandardSayami.lab