The concept of “ecology” has been extended from the hippie thought in the 1970s. Even though the concept of “sustainability” is not yet mature, people put on outdoor clothing and go out, on the street or actually to the nature, starting to use clothing as a medium to present a way of thinking referring to the earth that we live on. Now, because of too much “ambition”, the siren of environment rings harshly! In 2020, human beings transit from the original position of observation, challenge, and possession, to the position of “protection”, so as to stay in the same line with the nature, and try to fill up the dent caused by the past injuries and make small compensations.

But, it is already too late for now?



Photography:Luke Liu
Hair & Make-up:Chloe
Models:Fly Wu
Direction / Styling:Changfl
English Translation:Jenny Chiu
Special thanks:4min,OVKLabOPMM,PLATEAU STUDIO,Sayami.lab,Guerrilla-Group,HYST Shop,GENTLE MONSTER