This set of image photos were shot in a city in northern Taiwan, Keelung, the so-called “city of rains”. Travelers put together images of this rainy harbor city through the moist air. Zhongshan Footbridge, in this city which is not huge, plays a role of a carrier of time-space, and a role of a corridor of girls’ fantasy. Shu Qi, a Taiwanese actress, wandering and being shot under the director Hou Hsiao-Hsien’s camera on this bridge, represents a woman’s unstrained and romantic image. Today, co-working with Torboon, projecting Boon’s exploratory spirit, and shifting in the four scenes of the bridge, we make it real, a woman wandering in a dreamland. 

我們來到台灣北部,有「雨都」之稱的基隆。長時間的降雨讓旅人往往只能隔層浸濕的水氣來拼湊這裡的港邊印象,當中的中山陸橋,更是在這座不算大的城市裡,扮演乘載時空印象、女孩幻想的迴廊角色。一如曾經導演侯孝賢鏡頭下的舒淇就在這裡走出女性的浪漫輕狂,如今我們攜手 Torboon,投射著設計師 Boon 的探索精神,在四個轉換的場景中,實現一場女子的夢境幻遊。

Hair & Make-up:Chloe Tang
Video Editor:Nick Vaky
Direction / Styling / Chinese Text:Changfl
English Translation:Jenny Chiu
Special thanks:Pop Up AsiaTorboonTUANTUAN Official,Camper,Journal Standard