The air is filled with a smell of restlessness, embarrassment, even a slight piece of resent. The environment we are in is now experiencing the shock of generation alternation. The point of view from the past is now being re-examined while new order of value is also at the stage of re-combination. Thus, at this point in time, through colors we reflect the stories of current time. After the unease is over, will “relationship” be able to show the its beauty again?

We still care, and we have not stopped. We just use different thinking to move on and carry on.

空氣裡瀰漫著躁動、尷尬,或者帶有一絲厭惡的味道。身處的大環境正好經歷著世代交替的震盪,過去的觀點被重新檢視 ,同時新的價值秩序也正值排列組合的階段。於是在這樣的時間點,透過顏色的故事提問,在惶惶不安的情緒過後,「關係」是否再將展現美好的一面呢?


Hair & Make-up:Chloe
Models:Er wang and Sihjin
Direction / Styling:Changfl
English Translation:Jenny Chiu
Special thanks:Opmm and BZ