Red Carpet

Wearing fashionable clothes, yet putting on dirty shoes with worn heels and surfaces; piles of clothes on their back, and carrying layers of rolled red carpets, they stride in the restlessness that just falls asleep.

Scenes afterwards are just like a beast coming out of the cage.
They seem to be the only life that has arrived on the earth, exuding excitement all over,
They walk as their shoulders rub against each other,
They exchange their eye contacts and catch each other’s figure,
They sway their hot nerves without constraint, with their clothes floating along with it.

On the path of pilgrimage tonight, red is where dignity and freedom reside in.

穿著時尚的服飾,腳踩跟部磨損,表面早已刮起毛屑的髒鞋 ; 背上成堆的服飾,扛起層層捆起的紅毯,大步在剛剛熟睡的躁動當中。



Video Director:Nick Vaky
Photography:留榮鋒, Hsuan-Lang Lin
Hair & Make-up:Chloe Tang
Models:Ling Lin, 李晴
Styling / Chinese Text:Changfl
English Translation:Jenny Chiu
Special thanks:伴 Ban